How to make Tea with Heartlets!

July 19, 2017

So with the introduction of any new product, its always good to let everyone in on what it is and how you might want to use it!

Today we're introducing Tea Hearth's Signature Range of Tea Heartlets.

What are Tea Heartlets?

Tea Heartlets are specially crafted loose leaf heart shaped tea that have been crafted with care to form little heartlets. These heartlets are not only more portable than regular loose leaf tea but also aid in allowing to recreate brews to exact ratios (all tablets come in uniform size and shape) so that you know how much tea you will need/get in every brew!
To top it all off they come in such a loveable shape that it makes them an amazing gift idea to almost anyone who might enjoy an occasional cup of tea!

As soon as our Heartlets are placed in hot water you will find they will break back up to their natural loose leaf form to release all their hidden tea goodness from within the leaves themselves! So that you get all the benefits and goodness from using natural loose leaf tea rather than some processed powdered tea!

Flavoured or Fragrant?

Our Heartlets are fragrant teas. Using similar methods to the age old techniques for creating Jasmine Teas, which are produced by imbuing the fragrance of the natural jasmine flowers into the tea leaves during the tea production process. We give our Heartlet Tea a chance to bathe in the character and aroma of various other things to enhance the Tea's qualities and provide a refreshingly different take to the traditional black tea.


That's all for this post, but we've also got an infographic to help you with your Tea Heartlet making process, so enjoy! You can leave any comments or questions below and we'll be sure to get an answer to you!


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