Tea Hearth.

Tea. Millennia old tea. Isn't it funny how sometimes it's the smallest things in life that make all the difference? This humble tea has forged empires, ignited revolutions, sparked wars and shaped our very existence. There is no simpler distillation of humanity's achievements, the hopes and dreams of the people who have come before us and the people who have yet to come. We bear its legacy and pass along the lessons - the essence of humanity distilled within every drop. It has the power to open our hearts and warm our souls, tea is a gateway to a beginning. A tool to achieve our dreams.


They say where you are in life need not matter, because it's where you're going that makes all the difference. Some of us know where we're going, others are still searching, but all alongst the way we're guided by our own aspirations, goals and dreams. Wherever you may be along that path, Tea Hearth is a resting place for you, where cold and tiredness give way to comfort and warmth, where the worries of the world pass us and the joys of its people surround us. Whether it's in the comfort of home, or warm joys of friendship and kinship, set aside the fears of tomorrow and regrets of yesterday to embrace the presence of today.

And here - at this place - we live, we breathe, we dream