Premium Heartlet Tea Set


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  • The Signature Tea Heartlet Set comes with FOUR different flavours ensuring that no dull moment comes to pass. Caramel, Jasmine, Peach and Strawberry combine together to create a tea range worth its weight in gold. This set is not just a pretty face but provides plenty of variety for every occasion or guest who might come over! 

    The Hearts in our Signature Tea range are made from the most nutrient-rich and delicate leaves of the camellia sinensis ensuring a high quality tea with every brew. Without the astringent and bitter notes that are common in other blends of Tea.

    Did we mention that our bottles are all reusable? So after you're done with the set just take off the labels rinse and reuse them for any other tea, herbs, spices or treats. This set also comes with a FREE Tea Stand. (Valued at $19.95) 

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